Specific Learning Disability (ADA Compliance/ 504 Coordinator)

Compliance Officer

The Board designates the following individuals to serve as the Academy’s 504 Compliance Officers/ADA Coordinators (hereinafter referred to as the “Academy Compliance Officers”).

Julie McGowen

E: mcgowenj@gee-edu.com

2455 S. Industrial Highway Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

(734) 369-9400

The Academy will accommodate the use of certified service animals when there is an established need for such supportive aid in the school environment. Certain restrictions may be applied when necessary due to allergies, health, safety, disability or other issues of those in the classroom or school environment. The goal shall be to provide all students with the same access and participation opportunities provided to other students in school. Confirmation of disability, need for a service animal to access the school programming, and current certification/training of the service animal may be required. The COs are responsible for coordinating the Academy’s efforts to comply with applicable Federal and State laws and regulations, including the Academy’s duty to address in a prompt and equitable manner any inquiries or complaints regarding discrimination, retaliation or Board of Director’s program.

Specific Learning Disability Resources

Procedural Safeguards

Specific Learning Disability Statement

Suggested List Of Parent Organizations (Arabic)

Suggested List Of Parent Organizations

Contact Info
  • 9600 Buffalo St. Hamtramck, MI 48212
  • 313.462.6100
  • bae.info@gee-edu.com